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Is an educator, filmmaker, father and the founder of ROOTS CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL.

Tyler loves to teach and has a passion for discovering and developing potential in everything around him.

For four years Tyler taught Character Education at a local High School and believes positive
character, is the greatest indicator of success.

In 2012 Tyler began to develop the concepts that have
become Roots Charter High School.

Roots Charter High School is Utah’s first farm-based charter high school.

Roots works with students that come from risky environments, helping them find and
reach their potential.

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Entrepreneur who believes in changing the world for the better.

When he was a college student in Honduras, he was elected president for 4 years by the students association of architects of my University and from Honduras student association (CEAH).

His goal at the time was to inspire young generations and provide them with the necessary tools to unleash their own capabilities to the fullest.


He have maintained that same vision but with a much more impactful perspective; currently is the

DIRECTOR OF ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS IN PRÓSPERA (a socioeconomic development enterprise that partners with governments to catalyze prosperity), and also working for one of best Architecture studios in the world - Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) as a Junior Partner.


I was born on the  bay  island  of  Roatan  December 13, 1976. I’m happily married to Donalee  Elizabeth, from Crawfish Rock, and the proud father of five children: two girls and three boys: Sharika, Sherina, Isaac, David, and little Larry. 
I was raised mostly by my mother, and had a very strict upbringing that kept me from playing with other children.  Instead of playing, as a kid I was working most days. I had a rough childhood, and I have the scars to prove it, which made me a very shy child.

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by inventing and making things, and I had a natural talent for it. 

When I was lonely as a child, I remember crying to myself, and telling myself that one day I would show my family that I could make something out of my life.

I ended up in Crawfish Rock, and that’s when the Lord made a change in my life.

 I’ll never forget the day I found salvation, and from that day until now, I am still working for the Lord - it’s one of my greatest desires and pleasures.

Though my mother and father have since passed away, I still cared for them until their passing, despite the pains of my childhood.

I can now share these lessons with the children at my church, teaching them the importance of respecting their parents. I’m a living testament to the fact that you can survive tough circumstances, and make something of yourself.

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