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Known by many as "Chin," is the main protagonist of this story. He was a misunderstood dreamer, an entrepreneur, and a genius. With the right resources, the necessary platform and some support, he probably would have been known as the "Leonardo Da Vinci" of this time.
This helicopter is the representation of a dream. It is a sculpture that represents determination and overcoming obstacles - ideas to which all people can relate. "Chin" dedicated his entire life to this specific project.

Despite his departure from this world, Próspera wanted to help fulfill this dream. 

At Próspera we are dedicated to building a platform that catalyzes prosperity, in partnership with governments through the creation of special economic zones. We believe that with the right conditions, entrepreneurs who dream like Don Agustín can achieve their goals without having to leave their country of origin.
With this tribute, we honor the memory of Don Agustín and remember his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to dream. Thank you "Chin" for leaving this beautiful legacy. 
You can learn more about Próspera at: Prospera.HN

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